September and October - Time for Weddings! August 24, 2017 12:43

And with weddings comes Bachelorette Parties. Need a unique idea? How about an Art Party? We offer more than painting on canvases. We offer Mosaic Stepping Stone Parties and more! Need just a space to gather to eat and drink and socialize? Our spot is charming and perfect just for that! 

Our Parties start at $25 per person and range up to $40 per person. Book the date and time you need now! Text, call or email. We will get right back to you. 314-943-3026 or

Mosaic Classes March 15, 2016 10:25

The Art Cellar of St. Charles is excited to offer another medium of the arts to our open class calendar, or your private party events! Starting April 1st, you can find open mosaic classes to attend on our class calendar, or choose a date for a private party. We will help you create your mosaic work of art. Use your creativity and choose your own patterns and colors.